About Us

Cacao de Armando is a premium quality cacao brand that brings rich and complex flavors to your indulgence. Our sustainably-sourced cacao products are made with the finest quality cacao beans and natural and organic ingredients. From our alkalized cocoa powder to our roasted cacao nibs and signature dark chocolate ice cream, each product is crafted with care and attention to detail. We’re committed to sustainable farming practices and fair trade in the cacao industry, and we partner with local shops to make our products more accessible to chocolate lovers everywhere. Try our products and experience the indulgence of Cacao de Armando for yourself!

Our Mission

to provide high-quality, affordable cacao products that meet the evolving needs of our customers while upholding our commitment to the local farmers. We strive to foster a vibrant and engaged community of employees, suppliers, and partners who share our values of integrity, innovation, and excellence in everything we do.

Everything Homemade

At Cacao de Armando, we take pride in crafting our premium quality cacao products using traditional and homemade methods. From roasting and grinding our cacao beans to handcrafting our chocolate bars, every step of our production process is carefully done in-house by our skilled chocolatiers. We believe that by making everything homemade, we can ensure the freshest and most authentic flavors possible, while also supporting sustainable and fair practices in the cacao industry. So, indulge in the rich and complex flavors of Cacao de Armando, made with love and care every step of the way.

“Simply the Best!”

Perfectly describes the premium quality and rich, complex flavors of Cacao de Armando’s sustainably-sourced cacao products. Indulge in our handmade, small-batch chocolates and experience the best that cacao has to offer.